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Keep it simple and let your food do the talking with unbranded packaging

When there’s no need for fuss and frills, plain food packaging is a quick, simple, cost-effective way to get ready for your next big round of orders. We have a range of unbranded packaging products to keep you stocked up and ready for take away orders, catering jobs and food markets. You’ll also find recyclable and compostable options.

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour or branding to your plain packaging boxes, VistaPrint offers a variety of packaging accessories like roll labels, food packaging labels and self-adhesive tape. Use them to seal food packaging, share product info as well as your branding or logo. Make sure customers know where to go for a quality bite to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our food packaging is food safe.  Our food boxes are compliant with food safety regulations. Our cups are made of double-walled and single-walled paper to keep food warm or cold.  

All of our food boxes meet guidelines of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive — a wide-reaching piece of legislation that seeks to reduce plastic pollution. 

We would not recommend putting your food packaging in the microwave or freezer.

They will be delivered flat for convenience but are easy to assemble.

For heavy products/items, we recommend using postal and shipping boxes. We suggest poly mailers and cardboard envelopes for lightweight items like textiles, documents, clothing and gift certificates.