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Get a unique logo crafted by a freelance designer at 99designs by Vista. Then collaborate with a Vista expert to help put your logo to work.
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With a 99designs by Vista contest, you can choose from lots of custom logo ideas, each created just for you. 100% money back guarantee.
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It’s a head-turning printed piece of swag, the inspiration for your digital marketing – the cornerstone of your brand design. We’ll help you show it off.

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"Better than I even thought it could be."

… the new design is going to take me to the next level, because it is so bright, and interesting and inviting, in a way I never could by myself.

Rachel Burson, Owner, rachelmadestudio

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Frequently asked questions

A great custom logo reflects the personality of your business, so it's important for you to have a general sense of your brand identity before you begin. Is your brand more playful or sophisticated? Cutting-edge modern or more of a timeless vibe? Knowing who you are as a business will help you most quickly and effectively get a look that feels like you.

If you’re working with 99designs by Vista’s freelance design community, designers will also need to know a bit of your basic business backstory: your business name, any taglines, what your business does and who makes up its target audience. If you have an existing logo or colour scheme, that’s also helpful. You’ll be able to share all of this information with designers when you fill out one of our intuitive design briefs. We'll ask you questions, you'll fill in the blanks – it's a simple and intuitive process.

Each of our logo design options offer you a unique way to create a brand logo design.

  • Logomaker by VistaPrint®: The quick and easy DIY tool. You can create and explore a variety of custom logo options in just a few minutes.

  • Hire a freelancer at 99designs by Vista: One-on-one collaboration. You’ll give your designer details about your vision, and then collaborate together until you’re in love with the finished result.

  • Design contest at 99designs by Vista: Lots of options. You can describe what you’re looking for and then open it up to the whole 99designs by Vista freelance community. Designers will share ideas, and you can pick your favourite.

A design contest is a competition among 99designs by Vista freelancers –they strive to create the winning design for a client (that’s you!). The basic logo design process consists of several steps:

  1. You write a design brief. You answer basic questions about your needs, business style and taste.
  2. Designers create for you. Interested designers submit business logo designs based on your brief.
  3. You give feedback. During two rounds of competition, you can give feedback to help designers improve on their submissions.
  4. You pick a winner. You get the files and full copyright for the winning design, the winning designer gets paid.

That’s a high-level view –if you’re looking for more details, we’ve outlined the whole process here.

Our free logos generator is a do-it-yourself tool, designed to help you get a design you love without the need for expert help. That said, if you want to make further edits to your design after you’ve downloaded your custom logo, you can still hire a designer or start a design contest with 99designs by Vista.

99designs by Vista is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive through expert design. The 99designs global creative platform makes it easy for clients and freelance designers to work together online. More than 1 million creative projects have come to life since 2008, and the 99designs community has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners along the way. Learn more about 99designs.

It depends on which design option you choose.

If trademarking a logo is important to you, paying a professional to create a bespoke logo for you on 99design by Vista is the way to go. Whether you hire a designer or start a design contest, the finished result will be a completely unique logo, that doesn’t use any stock or shared visual assets. You’ll own the copyright for any business logo design you purchase.

If you use our free logos generator, you’ll be working with visuals that may be similar to others.

Right now, you can’t upload your own designs or pictures. Logomaker by VistaPrint® works with an expansive library of fonts and icons. The tool uses complex AI and algorithms to create a wide range of visual and layout options. You tell Logomaker what you’re looking for, and the tool taps into the library to create for you.

Absolutely! Logomaker by VistaPrint® is one of the only free logo makers that will give you access to the editable files for free. After you download the files, you can modify them - whether you do it yourself with design software or have a designer make updates for you. You also always have the option of creating a new, duplicate version of the logo using the Logomaker tool, updating it as you’d like.