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Add personality and professionalism with matching custom stationery.

Looking for an easy way to impress friends, family, customers and business contacts? In addition to standing out from other envelopes and packages, personalised stationery conveys confidence and makes you look (and feel) like the pro you are. Plus, it gives you a consistent look across all your supplies, packaging or marketing materials.

That’s why we’re ready to help you create a suite of matching custom stationery. You can quickly turn one design — a monogram, logo or even a fun pattern — into matching note cards, personalised letterheads and more. Not sure what style you want? We’re here for you. Check out a wide variety of templates you can use with your info or logo, and make adjustments until you get just the look you want. And if you ever need a hand, our Design Services team is ready to help you create a consistent look across all your personal or office stationery supplies.

Frequently asked questions

Customised stationery refers to personalised stationery items such as notepads, letterheads, envelopes and stamps that are designed and printed according to individual preferences. These stationery items often feature personal details like names, logos, monograms or unique designs. Customised stationery is commonly used for personal correspondence, business communications, and as promotional materials.

Personalised stationery adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance to correspondence, making it stand out. It also helps in creating a professional and polished image for businesses. Overall, personalised stationery offers a way to express individuality, professionalism and creativity in written communication.

Yes, most of our stationery products can be used for either purpose. For some, you’ll find templates that match up better with business use or personal use. For others, you can upload whatever design you’d like.

Generally speaking, every business can make a good impression on customers with customised envelopes and letterhead. If you post out products and orders to people, you may want to add envelope seals or mailing labels to your repertoire. Loyalty cards and gift certificates are a good choice for retailers, too.

Yes! Log in and select ‘My Account’, then from the menu that appears select ‘Order History & Reorder’. From there, you can quickly stock up on whatever custom stationery products you need more of.

There are many options for what you can print on personalised stationery. Some common ideas include:

  1. Your name or initials
  2. Your business name or logo
  3. A favourite quote or motto
  4. A custom design or artwork
  5. Contact information (such as phone number or email)
  6. A special message or greeting