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Bullet™ Sticky Note Bookmark
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Bullet™ Small Combo Pad
Memosticky Notes
Bullet™ Artemis Organiser
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Nifty Note Caddy with Pen
Memoff Memo Set
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FoldNote Memo Pad
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Bullet™ Spiral Sticky Note Book
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Eastman Sticker Notes
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Recyclo Multisize Sticky Note Pads

Create your own custom sticky notes.

Sticky note organisers and personalised sticky notes are practical and versatile items. They’re useful for sticking self-reminders around the home or for creating colour-coded schedules for different members of the family. Of course, they’re ideal for your workspace too. Use sticky notes to organise your to-do list or jot down all your ideas during team meetings or brainstorming sessions.

With Vistaprint, you can create great branded sticky notes. Print your logo onto the surface of the sticky note – or, print your logo or message onto the front of one of our organisers or files containing blank sticky notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customise my own sticky notes or organisers?

You can get started by uploading a pre-made design in the following formats: .pdf, .jpeg, .png, .ai or .ppt. Or, create something new in our interactive design studio, adding custom elements like text and graphics.

Where is my logo printed on the item?

Most products offer printing on the front of a file or organiser containing blank sticky notes. However, you can also create personalised sticky notes with your design printed edge-to-edge on the sticky note’s surface.

What is the printing method used?

Our sticky note organisers use single-colour print. Our custom sticky notes use full-colour print.

Can the sticky note adhesive be removed from surfaces easily?

You can stick the custom sticky notes to lots of different surfaces like walls and notebook pages. They can be peeled off without leaving a stain.

Are writing instruments included with these products?

A few of the printed sticky note organisers include a pen or ruler. If you’re looking to expand your stationery collection, check out our range of promotional products including pens, markers and more.