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Roll Labels

Take your branding to the next level with professional stickers designed for high-volume use. Explore fully customisable design templates and an easy design upload process. See details
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Take your branding to the next level.

  • 15 size options
  • Custom shapes available
  • Upload & Go design process
  • 5 material options
  • 33 cm or slitted rolls (7.6 cm diameter)
  • Vivid, full-colour printing
  • Quantities from 100 to 5000

Looking for a stress-free way to create professional consistency on bags, boxes, jars, bottles and more? Our roll labels are a great option for businesses working with higher-volume inventories. You can choose from an assortment of materials, including options for dry goods or liquids. And with your labels arriving coiled around a roll, they’re convenient to use – and to store within smaller spaces.

Ready to create your custom shaped labels? Choose the custom shape option and continue with our Upload & Go design process. After you upload your logo or image, one of our design pros will turn it into a custom label design for you. We email you the design, you approve it or give us any final edits. Once it’s perfect, we’ll print, package and deliver your roll labels. They’ll arrive ready for use and ready to get noticed.

Stacked Roll Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

Different roll label materials work better for different types of projects.

White paper roll labels are great for indoor use when the sticker won’t come in contact with liquid. We consider this our traditional, budget-friendly roll label sticker option.

Silver and gold paper roll labels are coated with a film that gives the labels a metallic shine and extra durability. In addition to indoor use with dry goods, they can be placed on items that will be stored in colder temperatures, including fridges and freezers.

Plastic roll labels are made of polypropylene, which means they are oil and water-resistant and a more durable option for indoor and outdoor use. If you’re labelling products that contain (or are exposed to) oil, lubricants or cold temperatures, this is a good choice for you. (Please note that our plastic roll labels are not made of vinyl.)

Unfortunately, we can't ship samples before you purchase – at least, not right now.

Yes. If you plan to write on your roll labels, our white paper option is easiest to write on with a pencil or pen. For our silver and gold paper labels or plastic roll labels, you’ll want to make sure to use a permanent marker.

White paper labels are a great, durable option for indoor use – if your sticker won’t come in contact with liquid, you’ll be in great shape.

Silver and gold paper labels work well on dry goods and cold temperatures. If you intend to use your custom stickers on products that contain (or are exposed to) oil, lubricants or cold temperatures, our plastic labels are both oil- and water-resistant.

Yes. Our paper roll labels come in white, as well as silver and gold options. That said, it is important to note that even our white paper and white plastic roll labels offer a wide range of colour options. While the material itself is white, our full-colour printing makes it easy to print any colour on as much (or as little) of your sticker as you’d like.

Options: Roll Labels



  • Budget-friendly paper, with a matte finish.
  • Recommended for: Indoor use, dry goods.
  • Water-resistant polypropylene.
  • Recommended for: Bath and body products, refrigerated or freezer-stored products
  • Coated paper with a silver metallic finish.
  • Recommended for: Gift packaging, bath and body products, refrigerated or freezer-stored products.
  • Coated paper with a gold metallic finish.
  • Recommended for: Bath and body products, bottles, gift boxes


Slick and shiny.

Smooth and uncoated.

Product Specs & Templates

Vistaprint offers Roll Labels design templates in assorted styles.