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Outdoor Posters

Stand up to the elements with water-resistant posters you can add to shopfronts, noticeboards and more. Explore fully customisable design templates and an easy design upload. See details

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Get your message out there in all kinds of weather.

  • 6 size options
  • 170 gsm polyester film
  • Matte, white finish
  • Weatherproof & water-resistant
  • Vivid, full-colour printing

Looking for a new way to create long-lasting, weatherproof signage for your business or event? Our water-resistant posters can help you get noticed in rain or shine. Lightweight yet durable, these posters are made of a special, outdoor-friendly polyester film: The plastic is fade and water-resistant, but still has the look and feel of a high-end paper stock. When customised with a bold, eye-catching design, your outdoor posters can dress up a shopfront, stand out on noticeboards around town or help you attract attention at your next outdoor event.

Ready to start creating? First, explore our assortment of customisable outdoor poster design templates (or upload your own). Once you’ve found a design that works for you, customise it with your text or images. We’ll professionally print and package your plastic posters, and your order will arrive looking crisp, polished and ready to turn heads.

Outdoor Posters

VistaPrint offers Outdoor Posters design templates in assorted styles.

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