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1 starting at €39.77 (ex. VAT)

Add a fun and personal touch to your living space.

  • 7 size options
  • 3 shape options
  • Durable polyester
  • Wind-resistant up to 59 kph
  • 1- or 2-sided printing options
  • Fabric-only & full-set options

To start creating your flag, explore our gallery of fully customisable design templates, including industry- and event-specific options. Once you’ve found a favourite design, make it yours by adding your custom details and choosing the options that work best for you. (New to flags? We recommend our flag set, which includes a fabric flag, pole, cross bar base and carrying case. If you’re replacing your flag, you can choose our flag fabric only option.) We’ll take care of the rest, professionally printing and shipping your order. Your flag will arrive looking great and ready to start turning heads.

Design Specs

To make sure your printed product looks its best, please review our bleed, trim and safety area info.

Bleed (Red Line): Your background should reach this line. This helps to prevent white lines from appearing along the edges.

Trim (Solid Blue Line): This line shows the expected edges.

Safe Area (Dotted Grey Line): Any text and images need to fit within this box.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I get flags with double-sided printing? A Yes! You can choose between single- or double-sided printing options. Single-sided flags are more translucent, which lets the flag design (and sunlight) shine through, while our more opaque, double-sided flags offer richer colour saturation.

Q What is the flag pole made of? How wide is it? What colour is it? A When you choose our “flag set w/ pole + cross bar base” option, you’ll get a black pole that is 0.5” wide. The pole arrives in sections, with a bungee to connect them; most of the sections are made of aluminum, with one fiberglass section. It also has a plastic hook that is used to secure the flag to the pole – and you can adjust the book to increase or decrease the flag tension.

If you choose our “flag fabric only” option, a flag pole is not included with your order.

Q What flag printing technology do you use? A Our promotional flags are printed using dye sublimation on translucent polyester. The resulting banners are slightly sheer, which lets the design show through to be visible on both sides.

Q Can I wash my custom flags? A Yes! You can throw your feather flags, sail flags or teardrop flags into the washing machine. We recommend you wash with cold water – and we strongly recommend you let your flag air dry.

Q Are custom flags fireproof? A Yes. Our flags are fire-certified.

Q How much do the flag bases weigh? A Here are the weights for our flag base options:

Ground Spike: 1.3 kg Drive on Foot Base: 1.8 kg Square Steel Base: 12.5 kg Cross Bar Base: 1.2 kg

Q How big is the shipping package? A 123 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (length x width x depth), weighing about 4kg.

Q What are the dimensions of the flags? A Dimensions vary and are listed below:

2 m feather flags 160 cm designable graphic 42 cm at the widest point

2 m teardrop flags 145 cm designable graphic 55 cm at the widest point

2 m sail flags 155 cm designable graphic 40 cm at the widest point

2.8 m feather flags 190 cm designable graphic 55 cm at the widest point

2.6 m sail flags 190 cm designable graphic 65 cm at the widest point

2.8 m teardrop flags 220cm designable graphic 75 cm at the widest point

3.4 m feather flags 260 cm designable graphic 65 cm at the widest point

3.2 m sail flags 260 cm designable graphic 70 cm at the widest point

3.4 m teardrop flags 300 cm designable graphic 125 cm at the widest point

4.5 m feather flags 340 cm designable graphic 85 cm at the widest point

4 m sail flags 340 cm designable graphic 100 cm at the widest point

4.5 m teardrop flags 370 cm designable graphic 125 cm at the widest point

Options: Flags

As you design your flag, you may have the opportunity to choose from these options – each intended to make your design a one-of-a-kind creation.


Flag with Pole + Cross Bar Base • Complete flag set: flag fabric, a pole & cross bar base • Includes a handled carrying case

Flag Fabric Only • Replacement flag option – does not include a pole or base • Recommended only for use with Vistaprint poles & bases



text in boldTeardrop



Single-sided Your design is printed on the front of a single-piece of translucent polyester.

Double-sided Your design is printed on the front and back of a thicker, two-layer polyester flag.


Auger Base • 23.81 cm-long screw • Digs into the ground • Best for: Grass, sand

Drive on Foot Base • Tyre-friendly aluminium • Stabalising base • Best for: Car parks, petrol garages

Ground Spike Base • Steel spike • Digs into the ground • Best for: Grass

Square Steel Base • Durable steel • Stabalising base • Best for: Pavement, concrete

Cross Bar Base • Included in our flag with pole + cross bar base option • Cross bar with fillable weight pouch • Stabalising base • Best for: All terrain