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Create super-sized advertising that stands up to the elements. This complete flag set includes a customisable polyester flag, pole, base and carrying case. See details
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Take your marketing to new heights.

  • 4 size options
  • 3 shape options
  • Durable polyester
  • Single or double-sided printing options
  • Included pole, cross bar base & carrying case
  • Wind-resistant up to 37 mph (59 kph)
  • Additional base options available

Trying to stand out on a busy street or at crowded trade show events? Bold custom flags are proven to draw attention to commercial businesses, booth displays or event tents. They’re also effective, high-visibility marketing – an opportunity to get your business name, logo and colours noticed by pedestrians and road traffic alike.Our promotional flags come with everything you need to set up on a flat surface: Your package will include a weather-resistant polyester flag, fiberglass and aluminium pole, cross bar base – even a soft case for easy transport.

Ready to create? Explore our gallery of custom flag templates, including industry and event-specific options. Once you’ve found a favourite option, add your custom details in our online design studio. We’ll take care of the rest, professionally printing and shipping your order. Your promotional flag set will arrive looking great and ready to start turning heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend following these steps for a smooth (and stress-free) setup:

  1. ASSEMBLE POLE: Attach the pieces of your flag pole, and then add the antennae to the top of the pole.

  2. ADD FLAG: Feed the antennae through the pocket that runs along the side of your flag.

  3. ATTACH BASE: Place the prong on the top of your base into the hole at the bottom of the flag pole.

  4. SECURE FLAG: Make sure the bungee is attached to both the flag and the hook on the flag pole.

Yes. You can choose between single or double-sided printing options. Single-sided flags are more translucent, which lets the flag design (and sunlight) shine through, while our more opaque, double-sided flags offer richer colour saturation.

Your included flag pole is black and 1.3 cm in diameter. It will arrive in sections, with a bungee to connect them. The pole is mostly made of fiberglass, with some aluminium. It also has a plastic hook that is used to secure the flag to the pole – and you can adjust the book to increase or decrease the flag tension.

In many respects, choosing one custom flag shape over another can be a matter of personal preference – that said, there are benefits to each option. Feather flags are a popular choice because of their unique and eye-catching shape. Sail flags offer the largest printable area. And since the fabric on our teardrop flags are drawn more taut, they tend to be the most stationary of our 3 options.

Promotional flags are printed using dye sublimation on translucent polyester. The resulting banners are slightly sheer, which lets the design show through to be visible on both sides. If you choose double-sided printing for your flags, your flag will include 2 layers of material for a more opaque look.

Yes, but please note that if you wash your flag, it will lose its B1 certification – it is no longer considered fire-retardant.

Yes, but please be aware that it will no longer be considered fire-retardant. If you still choose to wash your flag, we recommend washing with cold water, and then letting it air dry.

About 123 x 30 x 10 cm (length x width x depth). They weigh about 4kg – if you add our square steel base to your order, it will weigh significantly more – see below.

Here are the weights for our flag base options:

Cross Bar Base: 1.2 kg

Ground Spike: 1.3 kg

Drive On Foot Base: 1.8 kg

Square Steel Base: 12.5 kg

Dimensions vary and are listed below:

2 m Feather Flags • Flag Pole: 259 cm • Designable Graphic: 207 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 42 cm

2 m Teardrop Flags • Flag Pole: 189 cm • Designable Graphic: 141 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 60 cm

2 m Sail Flags • Flag Pole: 208 cm • Designable Graphic: 156 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 42 cm

2.8 m Feather Flags • Flag Pole: 255 cm • Designable Graphic: 192 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 55 cm

2.6 m Sail Flags • Flag Pole: 250 cm • Designable Graphic: 188 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 67 cm

2.8 m Teardrop Flags • Flag Pole: 290 cm • Designable Graphic: 212 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 100 cm

3.4 m Feather Flags • Flag Pole: 326 cm • Designable Graphic: 262 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 70 cm

3.2 m Sail Flags • Flag Pole: 333 cm • Designable Graphic: 262 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 63 cm

3.4 m Teardrop Flags • Flag Pole: 333 cm • Designable Graphic: 285 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 157 cm

4.5 m Feather Flags • Flag Pole: 412 cm • Designable Graphic: 342 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 84 cm

4 m Sail Flags • Flag Pole: 406 cm • Designable Graphic: 339 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 99 cm

4.5 m Teardrop Flags • Flag Pole: 436 cm • Designable Graphic: 354 cm • Width (at Widest Point): 138 cm

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Printed Sides

Your design is printed on the front of a single-piece of translucent polyester.

Your design is printed on the front and back of a thicker, 2-layer polyester flag.

Product Specs & Templates

Vistaprint offers Flags design templates in assorted styles.