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Create a look that gets seen around town with custom single stickers.

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Make your business, personality or project shine with one-of-a-kind shapes and look-twice materials.

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Fun and functional stickers that help you connect with your friends, family or customers.

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Customisable templates available in every shape.

Stickers on the Go

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Bring your logo or favourite pictures with you wherever you go.
Need sticker design help?
Work with a professional designer to create a one-of-a-kind design, or ask for advice and edits on a design you've already started.
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Step up your small business marketing with custom single stickers.

Do you remember the last time a sticker caught your eye? From water bottles and laptops to product packaging and vehicles, custom single stickers can put your design centre stage in surprising ways. They’re a straightforward and fun way to promote your brand, hype up your event or even share pictures of your pet. The best part? When you give away stickers with purchases, in gift bags or at events, you never know where they might make an impact. So, create a design your customers love, and let them do some marketing for you.

Our made-to-order stickers present a variety of possibilities, with multiple customisation options to help get you there. You can choose from solid or transparent backgrounds to suit your design. You can also start with one of our classic shapes, or create a custom-made shape, cut to the form of your design. Whatever your brand’s style, create a one-of-a-kind look to connect with friends or customers. 

When you’re ready to print individual stickers online, we’re here to make the process as simple as possible — with expert design help ready if you need it. So start browsing by shape, material or even the kind of graphic you’re going for, and get ready to make a design that sticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, whether you prefer bold prints or minimalistic designs, we have a variety of design templates to match your style. After selecting your sticker type and shape, you can explore our gallery of customisable templates. You can also filter templates by industry, style or colour. Then you can personalise stickers further with your choice of text, images or logos.

When you’re ready to create, you’ll have several options to choose from:

  • Browse our design gallery for our pre-made templates that are customisable with your text, images or logos.
  • Upload your own design if you want to start from scratch.
  • Work with a professional designer to create a one-of-a-kind design for you.

You can upload files in .pdf, .png and .jpg formats. If you’re designing transparent or holographic stickers, make sure that your design upload doesn’t feature a solid background.

For die-cut, photo and single stickers, the minimum order is 1 sticker. The minimum for all other single stickers is 10. The maximum amount you can order is 10,000.

Yes, if you’re ordering a variety of shapes, sizes or materials of the same design, we recommend designing each one from scratch to get the best results. Our design gallery and tools will help you get started quickly.