Create a matching look across products, promo and more.

  • 6 size options
  • Individual stickers
  • White or transparent plastic
  • Extra-thick tabbed backing
  • Water-resistant
  • Full-colour printing

Water-resistant material
Turn your business name and logo into custom square stickers you can use on packaging, products and more. Made from durable, water-resistant plastic, our custom square stickers come in a wide range of sizes and are available in both white and transparent plastic.

Not just a sticker
Use your square stickers for giveaways or events – they also make great details for packaging. You can place them on boxes for online orders, or drop them into customers’ shopping bags as a free gift.

Intuitive design
Ready to create? Browse our templates for industry-specific designs and make them your own. Or, if you already have a logo or design you’d like to use, you can upload it directly to our studio. Bear in mind, if you choose transparent plastic as your material, don’t use a design with a white background and avoid .jpeg files. Opt for .pdf or .png files instead. This will ensure that you get the transparent look you want. Once you’re done, we’ll take care of the rest and your stickers will arrive looking great and ready to use.

Design Services

Our professional designers can help create the look you want.
Printed Product Design