Create your own custom pet cushion — a great gift for your pet or animal-loving friends.

  • Premium plush fabric
  • Soft filling
  • Black zip and lock
  • Reversible colour options
  • Three sizes available

Care instructions: machine washable and dryer-safe.

Ultimate comfort Provide your beloved pet with this customisable pet cushion, an oasis of comfort that stands ahead of the rest. Expertly crafted with downy premium plush fabric, this pet bed ensures your furry friend is enveloped in the kind of warmth and comfort they deserve. Its unique blend of cosy softness caters to their need for a tranquil resting spot. Unlike ordinary pet beds, this one delivers a plush haven that maintains its inviting texture over time. Whether for a small cat or a larger breed dog, the Pet Cushion promises a snug retreat after a day of play.

Customisable style Both functional and fashionable, the pet cushion boasts a reversible colour scheme to help complement any home interior. With a choice of hues for the flip side, it's effortless to personalise your pet's rest area to match your style. Available in three different sizes, it’s perfect for pet owners looking to find the ideal fit for their pet's breed and size. Each bed is equipped with a durable black zip and lock, keeping the soft filling secure. Your pet can relish the softness of a bed that echoes your taste and their size requirements.

Easy to design Our straightforward customisation process is designed to be effortless, promising a final product that's tailored just for you and your beloved companion. Step into a world where your pet's comfort merges effortlessly with your design preferences.

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