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Tabletop Roller Banners

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1 Starting at €16.60 (Ex. VAT)


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1 Starting at €16.60 (Ex. VAT)
1 Starting at €16.60 (Ex. VAT)

Portable, attention-grabbing signs you can set up in seconds.

  • Pre-assembled with brushed aluminium stand
  • Durable, stay-flat vinyl material
  • Matte finish with solid white backing to block light

Design Specs

To make sure your printed product looks its best, please review our bleed, trim and safety area info to the right.

Bleed (Red Line): Your background should reach this line. This helps to prevent white lines from appearing along the edges.

Trim (Solid Blue Line): This line shows the expected edges.

Safe Area (Dotted Grey Line): Any text and images need to fit within this box.