Stand out at a trade show, get noticed on the high street and boost your foot traffic. If one or all of these are your goals, we’ve got a flag that can do the job.

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5 results

Fly your custom flags high. Personalise your shop front, event stand and more.

Create eye-catching flags that get noticed and encourage potential customers to check out your business. From super-sized flags and banners to shop front facade and wall-mounted flags — there’s more than one way to boost your brand. Choose a custom flag that suits your needs and design it with your own branding or logo.
We’ve also got you covered with flag bases and poles as well as transparent and opaque fabric options. All our flags are completely customisable so you can transform your indoor or outdoor space into a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide variety of flags of different shapes and sizes. We have free-standing flags that come with various bases and are best for placing on the street outside your business, shop or at an event. We also have flags that are designed to hang from a wall, either inside or outside.

We have a variety of bases which are best suited for different types of ground, depending on where you want to display your flag. For example, we have bases specifically for pavement and hard ground, as well as for grass. We also have bases you can drive over and hold in place with your car tyre.

On a single-sided flag, your design is printed on one side of a single piece of translucent fabric. Double-sided flags have your design printed on two separate pieces of fabric, one on each side. Double- sided flags also have a third, opaque layer in the middle to block light and ensure that your design can be seen clearly from all sides.

Yes. You can use any of our flags inside and outside.

You can wash your flag to keep it clean, but please be aware that once you wash your flag it will no longer be fire retardant and it will lose its B1 certification and will no longer meet the requirements to be displayed at trade shows or events. If you do decide to wash your flag, we recommend washing it in cold water and letting it air dry.

You’ll find size charts on the webpages of each flag which will assist you in selecting the size that suits your needs.