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Outlook Email Setup

Domains are no longer sold by Vista. This article is only relevant if you purchased a domain from Vista before March 8, 2022.
If you're interested in purchasing a domain, you can learn more at Vista x Wix.

NOTE: Instructions may vary based on Outlook version and operating system. Please visit Microsoft Support for additionl steps.
  1. Launch Outlook, click on File. Tools for MAC users
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Enter Email Address then click Connect or Continue
    • If prompted to choose an email type, select either IMAP or Other Email
  4. Follow on-screen instruction to enter Account Information.
    • Email Address: Enter your full email address.
    • Password: Enter the password for your email address.
    • User name: Enter your full email address.Type: We recommend IMAP.
    • Incoming and Outgoing Server:
    • Port Use default ports.
    • SSL: Use SSL to connect.
  5. Click Add Account or Finish

Your account is ready to use.