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BC Hooded Softshell Jacket

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1 Starting at €109.89 (Ex. VAT)

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1 Starting at €109.89 (Ex. VAT)
  • 94/6 polyester elastane
  • 100% microfleece and mesh lining
  • Water-repellent, windproof, lint free and thermo isolated
  • Hood and chinguard for added protection
  • Zippered front pockets
  • Personalisation Technology: ColorStrong™ Full Colour Transfer

Design Specs

To make sure your printed product looks its best, please review our bleed, trim and safety area info at right.

Bleed (Red Line): Your background should reach this line. This helps to prevent white lines from appearing along the edges.

Trim (Solid Blue Line): This line shows the expected edges.

Safe Area (Dotted Grey Line): Any text or images needs to fit within this box.