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Face Shield

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10 starting at €48.78 (ex. VAT)
10 starting at €48.78 (ex. VAT)

Cover your entire face comfortably.

  • 22.2 x 33 cm dimensions
  • Durable plastic
  • Adjustable, elastic head strap
  • Foam band colour may vary

Note: These face shields are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). Do not use them in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. See below for important tips on wearing your face shields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these face shields acceptable for use in a medical setting? A: No, these face shields are designed for personal use in non-medical settings. They are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Q. Am I able to wear anything under this face shield? A. Yes, a face mask and eyewear will fit under the face shield.

Q. Can I wear this shield while driving or operating a motor vehicle or machinery? A. No, we do not advise you to wear this face shield while driving or operating vehicles or machinery.

Q. Am I able to re-use this face shield? A. No, this is a single-use product. After use or any contamination, please discard.

Q. Do your safety face shields come in custom sizes or colours? A. No. We currently only offer one size (22.2 x 33 cm) and one colour (clear plastic).

Q. Do these face shields come pre-assembled? A. Yes – they come equipped with a foam band and elastic headband.

Q: Can I donate face shields to my local hospital or medical care facility? A: First contact the hospital or facility to see whether they are accepting donations – and if so, what kind of face shields they will accept. Please keep in mind that these face shields are intended for personal use – they are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) products.

Shield your face from spray and splatter.

Our face shields cover your forehead and chin. They are roomy enough to fit any masks or eyewear comfortably under them – without blocking your vision. And they’re made with an adjustable, elastic head strap and a cushioned foam bar, ensuring the right fit and comfort. Our face shields come pre-assembled – once you receive them, clean with a soft cloth or mild soap/ detergent and water before your first use.

How to wear your face shields

We recommend following these tips on how to put on and take off your face shields:

How to put on a face shield: 1. Wash the shield before its first with soap and water, or use a soft cloth to clean. And then wash your hands (or use hand sanitiser). 2. Raise the shield to your face, then place the cushion foam bar against your forehead. 3. Place the elastic strap over the crown of your head. 4. Adjust the strap so the shield fits over your entire face and is comfortable.

How to remove a face shield: 1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser) before you touch the shield. 2. Reach back to touch the elastic strap. Do not touch the front of your shield (it may be contaminated). 3. Lift the elastic strap up and over your head, and remove the shield from your face.
4. Discard your face shield. 5. Clean your hands again, using soap and water (or hand sanitiser).